17 December 2012,

Hey guys. How do the sayings go? “A happy wife makes a happy life”, and uh, “if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”. Well, if you want the women in your life to be happy, so you can be happy too, all you have to do is take good care of them. A little appreciation can go a loooong way. Remember the special events in their lives and commemorate them, take them out to dinner once in a while, and make sure that they can be comfortable in their own home. There is nothing wrong with snuggling when it’s a little chilly, but you know that most ladies definitely don’t like being cold. So make sure that your heating systems are working great for those cold winter nights by keeping them maintained by a dependable service company like Shumate/Intrepid. All Shumate/Intrepid employees are drug screened and background investigated. Shumate/Intrepid technicians are experienced and well trained. That means a lot to the ladies in our lives when people are coming into their homes to work around their family. So man up, and keep your significant other warm by calling Shumate/Intrepid at 919-662-8040, and I guarantee you that you will both be happy.

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